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Gin Genie Lite Harness (Past Model)

Manufacturer: Gin

Price: £949.00

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The luxury harness of choice for a wide range of pilots who wish to fly with the option of a cocoon

genie lite

The Gin Genie Lite is the luxury harness of choice for a wide range of pilots who wish to fly with the option of a cocoon. The benefits of Gin's flagship competition harness, the Genie Race, are now available in a lightweight, easy-to-use package with several outstanding features. The Gin Genie Lite is designed to fly far the Gin test team paid great attention to ergonomics, the shape of the back of the Gin Genie Lite contours and supports the body in all the right places. Piloting and feedback is very precise yet the stability of the harness offers a reassuring feeling in turbulence. The aerodynamic shape has been honed to perfection and will give you the edge on long glides.


Protection and Security

The Gin Genie Lite harness has a 12cm Ginsoft Lite foam protector and is certified EN and LTF. The Ginsoft Lite extends to the upper back at a thickness of 8.5cm, offering protection even in the case of a rescue deployment. Deployment itself is rapid and reliable due to the rescue container having an extra wide opening. A Safe T-bar and cocoon link system prevents the pilot taking off without fastening the leg and chest straps.

Convenience and versatility

The Gin Genie Lite harness weighs only 4.6kg (M size including carbon seat plate and carbon footplate), yet still offers excellent durability due to the use of advanced materials such as Dyneema. The Genie Lite comes complete with its own flight deck which holds up to 5L of ballast, and additional storage (3L) is available in a pocket under the seat. The built-in speed system is supplied with Harken pulleys and there are additional loops to fit larger pulleys.
In case the cocoon is not required, it is easily detachable.


Gin Genie Lite Key Features:

  • Detachable cocoon
  • Safe T system for chest/leg straps
  • Chest strap/cocoon safety link
  • Integrated speed system with Harken pulleys
  • Detachable flight deck
  • Ballast compartment under seat
  • Drinks system-ready
  • Whistle
  • Front pocket in cocoon


  • S < 175cm
  • M 170-185cm
  • L > 180cm

The height information in the table is for reference only.


  • 4.6kg (M size with carbon plate, including back protection)

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