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Little Cloud Spiruline 2012

Manufacturer: Little Cloud

Price: £1,599.00

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Suitable for all pilots depending on the wing loading. Price varies according to the size as shown in drop down menu to the right.

Little Cloud have been developing the Spiruline mini wing for over a year, and have done their best to full-fill pilots demands: “easier inflation and the ability to stay airborne for longer”.

Tom didn’t hold back with the prototypes for the Little Cloud Spiruline! Not because he was struggling with the solution, but in order to experiment with lots of different concepts. At Little Cloud they permanently question things and don’t have fixed ideas. This attitude has led to the new Little Cloud Spiruline, along with valuable feedback from pilots. Little Cloud have managed to maintain the same specifications, offering maximum pleasure and security, and a wing that’s accessible to all (from school pilot to expert), it’s also suitable for a wide variety of uses.


The Little Cloud Spiruline is a classic LC wing, just how we like them… fun, reassuring, accessible and versatile. It will continue, we hope, to be the reference point for mini-wings.


Little Cloud Spiruline New features

Nylon stiffeners in the cell leading edge, for even better inflation and to optimise the weight/volume.
Single riser allowing the pilot to lock the trimmers off. The trimmers have been reduced to 6cm for increased safety, and are easy to adjust while holding the controls.
The SLC (“salut les copains”) system, serves to strengthen the contact between pilot and wing, for an easy launch without needing to unfold the entire wing.
Easy inflation, with a firmer feel as the wing rises. The pilot shouldn’t feel any strong forces or snatching, the wing rises effortlessly whether in strong wind or no breeze.
There is still virtually no pitch, this wing no longer ‘accordions’, and performs better (with a glide of almost 8, and 34 cells). The brake travel is long, yet the controls are extremely precise. The aspect ratio has been reduced to 4.3 for a super compact and solid feeling.
New, single colour (light grey) with graphics, giving increased visibility.
Maximum glide with hands up, for comfort when soaring.
Slightly bigger surface to optimise launch and landing, without losing speed and maneuverability.
New, more technical 50L rucksack.
Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL: 14 – 16.5 – 18.5 – 20 – 21,5

Little Cloud Spiruline Presentation uses

ALL UP WEIGHT 60 / 115Kg 60 / 115Kg 70 / 115Kg 80 / 115Kg 90 / 115Kg  
SCHOOL ALL UP WEIGHT 60 / 75 Kg 65 / 85 Kg 80 / 100Kg 80 / 100 Kg 90 / 115Kg  
WING LOAD Kg / m2 4,2-8,2 3,6-6,9 3,2-6,2 3-5,75 3-5,5  

For varied use, suitable from 100% beginner pilots (learning/school, mountain flying, soaring, thermic, fly-downs, ski). It has virtually no pitch, is reactive during roll, moderate height loss during 360s, large brake travel. Similar speeds to a paraglider.

For varied use, as level 1. Good piloting skills should be able to maximise the aerological conditions. For pilots who already have experience of flight. Higher speeds than a paraglider.

Less versatile for thermic and mountain flights. More orientated to speed flying and soaring in strong conditions. It’s more reactive to roll and requires accurate piloting. For experienced pilots. A more dynamic wing, with much higher speeds than a paraglider. Much greater height loss when turning.

Little Cloud Spiruline development for use in schools

The FFVL (French federation) has a system which classes the suitability of wings for their use in schools. The Little Cloud Spiruline has been classed as suitable. Little Cloud’s recommendations must therefore be respected, regarding the pilot’s all-up weight and the use of the trimmers.


An additional document regarding the mini-wing has now been added to the ‘free flying passport’, in order to provide more appropriate information. Little Cloud highly recommend that you read it.

The Little Cloud Spiruline offers many advantages for pilots learning to fly; simple to use, intuitive piloting with little weight shifting input required, large brake travel. The pilot will adapt quickly to the speed, which is slightly higher than a paraglider. The controls are more reactive than those of a paraglider, due to the absence of inertia.
The Little Cloud Spiruline also gives beginner pilots the opportunity for a higher number of flights. Giving the chance to master the stages of inflation, launch and landing, in calm air. This provides a useful security gauge for the pilot’s progression.

Ground handling sessions are also useful, and fun way of learning the essentials for controlling the wing. The pilot will quickly learn to gain control of the wing. Ground handling also offers a more relaxing environment for instructors, who are better able to teach the important elements in a safe situation.

The Little Cloud Spiruline also allows flight in stronger winds, while still feeling calm (less force when launching, and higher potential for speed). Flying the Little Cloud Spiruline brings a huge amount of pleasure, irrespective of the pilot’s standard or type of flying. From launch to landing, the flight will involve constantly piloting, there are rarely any periods of inactivity (as can be the case for paragliding).


Additional points

-The entire flying equipment (harness, protection, bag, reserve, wing, helmet, vario) weighs approx 8/9kg. Half the weight of leisure paragliding equipment, while the enjoyment, however is certainly not halved!

-In Little Cloud's mission to achieve simplicity and efficiency, we’ve introduced the SLC system. This increases the feeling of contact between the pilot’s harness and the wing, without having to fully unfold the wing, or worry about a twist in the risers and the confusion of right or left. Particularly useful when flying in the mountains, or at difficult soaring sites. Note: this system does not replace the need for pre-flight checks

-Little Cloud used the same top surface cloth – 41g/m2. It’s strength and durability has been proven since the beginning, the same applies to the choice of thicker lines. We’re also aware of the reassurance this gives the pilot.

-The geometry of our risers means the pilot can use the trimmers more easily, without having to let go, or pull on the brakes. These risers also allow for an easy inflation, by a brisk pull on the front risers.
Little Cloud have added a strap to the trimmers, which allows the pilot to adjust, then lock the trimmers off in the chosen position.

Little Cloud have been working hard to increase the versatility of the wing, making it more efficient in thermic air. The precision of the controls means the wing remains reactive. While the new construction allows for a better glide in the hands-up position, so it’s less tiring when soaring or in thermic air. The Little Cloud Spiruline mini wing also dives less during moderate turns, making climbing easier. Little Cloud have also maintained the large brake travel and have firmed up the brakes during low speeds, for a dissuasive sensation.


Mounting the reserve

Little Cloud strongly recommend mounting the reserve in the ventral position, and connecting the risers at the same point as the wing risers for the following reasons: the handle is visible and can be pulled to the right or the left; if the reserve is deployed it will keep the pilot’s center of gravity upright, making landing more easy. 


Managing Flight Incidents

Mini-wings have a soft structure so can experience collapses in strong conditions, if the pilot isn’t flying actively; the higher wing load (3.5 – 5.5kh/m2) means that the wing should re-inflate soon after collapse, also helped by the low aspect ratio and the usable profile (fewer cells).

In strong conditions the pilot should aim to feel any activity through the brakes (such as loss of tension), if a collapse occurs the pilot should look far ahead whilst braking with the outside brake (as for paragliding).The brake travel is longer for mini-wings so you must be careful not to over pilot the wing during an incident. For this reason we recommend that if you experience a collapse, you raise your hands and let the wing recover on its own, whilst maintaining a steady course.

The pilot should also bare in mind that mini-wings demand more energy (both mental and physical) compared to a wing with a bigger surface area.


Little Cloud Spiruline Tech Specs

MODELSpiruline SSpiruline MSpiruline LSpiruline XLSpiruline XXL
SIZE – m2 14 16,5 18,5 20 21,5
FLAT SPAN – m  8 8,45 8,8 9,2 9,56
FLAT ASPECT RATIO  4,3 4,3 4,3 4,3 4,3
NB OF CELLS  34 34 34 34 34
ALL-UP WEIGHT – Kg  60 / 110 60 / 75 70 / 85 80 / 100 90 / 115
GLIDER WEIGHT 3,1 (2,4) 3,4 (2,7) 3,7 (3) 3,9 (3,2) 4,2 (3,5)
GLIDE RATIO Approx 8 Approx 8 Approx 8 Approx 8 Approx 8
SPEED (APPROX) MINI / HANDS UP / MAX Km/h – ALL UP WEIGHT 80Kg  33 / 46 / 56 28 / 42 / 52 27 / 40 / 50 27 / 39 / 48 25 / 37 / 46
CERTIFICATION EN 926-1 PTV MAX 110Kg EN 926-1 PTV MAX 110Kg EN 926-1 PTV MAX 120Kg EN 926-1 PTV MAX 130Kg EN 926-1 PTV MAX 130Kg
DOMINICOTEX CLOTH Top Surface, grey, soft finish, 41g 30D Bottom Surface, white, soft finish 35g 20D Rib Cloth, white, hard finish 41g 30D LINES Lower : Edelrid 6843-kevlar, sheated, 2,2mm, 240Kg Mid : Cousin 989-dynema, sheated, 1,5mm, 150Kg Upper : Cousin 989-dynema, sheated, 1,1mm, 100Kg


Little Cloud Spiruline colour: Light Grey



A – Beginners, S – Soaring, M – Mountain flying, T – Thermic conditions, XC – Cross, Q – Short flights, P- Paramotor, SF – Speedflying.


LittleCloud Skill Chart

 Type of mini wingExperience requiredType of flightCertification
SPIRULINE Flagship mini-wing.
From beginner
to expert.
Local site, soaring, thermic,
mountains, travel,
competition, hike & fly, paramotoring
En 926-1
GOOSE Mini-wing
XC, performance
From advised to
experienced pilot
local site, soaring, thermic,
travel, XC,
hike & fly competitions
EN 962-1
BIDULE Certified tandem.
Extremely versatile,
large weight range.
For all qualified
tandem pilots.
Professional & leisure flights,
soaring, thermic, XC, mountain.
En 926

KAGOO Mini-wing
designed for mountain
and leisure flights.
One size, light weight,
easy, offers potential.
From beginner
to expert.
Mountain, high mountain,
local site, soaring, thermic,
travel, small XC,
hike & fly competitions
EN 962-1
All-up weight max
GINSENG Intermediate
Efficient, fun.
Versatile piloting.
>50 flights p/year
Pilot who’ve flown the
Spiruline for at least
a season.
Local site, thermic flights,
mountain, small XC,
competition hike&fly
En 926-1
All-up weight max
90-130Kg / 8g
depending on size
ATYPIK Mini wing < 20m²
>100 flights p/year
>30hrs p/year
Experienced pilot.
XC, thermic,
soaring, col-bivouac.
En 926-1
All-up weight max
90-115Kg / 8g
depending on size

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