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Reserve Parachutes

Apco Guided Mayday Reserve

Apco's fully steerable reserve parachute


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Apco Mayday Light Reserve Parachute

Apco's lightweight additions to their range of high quality, proven rescue systems.


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Apco Mayday Reserve Parachute

Apco's reputable and proven reserve parachute


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Apco Mayday Superlight Reserve

Apco's superlight additions to their range of high quality proven rescue systems.


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Gin One-G Reserve Parachute

Rescue system based on the pull down apex design.


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Gin Yeti Reserve - Ultra light

Ultra light, ultra compact - Gin Yeti Reserve Parachute


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Guided Mayday Super Light SLT Reserve Parachute

Super Light Weight Rogallo type steerable rescue system


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Icaro Jet Reserve Parachute

2.2kg reserve parchute up to 100kg load


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Icaro Limit Reserve Parachute

ICARO paragliding reserve parachute systems are made from finest materials by an experienced parachute manufacturer which guarantees high durability, safety and excellent quality


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Independence Annular Classic Reserve Parachute

Now remastered as "Annular classic": also equipped with the opening-accelerating "Ram-Air-Pockets" now! In 6 different sizes up to 300 kg - safety without compromises.


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Independence Annular Evo Reserve Parachute

Equipped with the opening-accelerating


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Independence Evo Cross Reserve Parachute

Combines the lowest sink rates, the highest pendulum stability and the fastest opening time in one rescue system. So it results: Evo Cross - The future is square!


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Independence Ultra Cross Rescue System

The world's lightest square reserve parachute


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Ozone Angel Reserve Parachute

Available in three size with a max sink rate of 5.2 m/s


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Sup'Air Start Reserve Parachute

A simple well designed reserve parachute, easy to pack, and extremely stable.


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SupAir Light Reserve Parachute

Increasingly popular as pilots rebel against the increase in weight of equipment over the last few years!


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Supair Xtralite Reserve Parachute

The Xtralite is an ultralight EN-certified paragliding emergency reserve parachute from Sup'Air.


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At Fly Sussex you can buy Reserve Parachutes in store and online. We stock a wide range of emergency reserve parachutes for paragliding, hang gliding, paramotoring.