What We Do (paragliding) - Fly Sussex, the Ultimate Flying Experience

Learn to fly a paraglider with SUSSEX PARAGLIDING. Whether you want to become an advanced pilot or you just want to give paragliding a go, we have paragliding lessons and courses suitable for you.  We fly all year round on every day that it is safe to do so, and courses can be started whenever you like.  We are privileged to have all of our own private teaching sites! Please call us if you want more information or would like to speak with an instructor, we are always happy to help!

One day paragliding course: £130 weekday/£150 weekend day

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just one day!  The first day of your paragliding training starts with the necessary safety briefings and an introduction to the sport and equipment.  The instructor will demonstrate, but quite quickly you will be in control of the glider yourself, practicing ground handling and launching skills, which must be mastered in order to progress safely.  We hope by lunchtime for you to have your feet off the ground!

As the day goes on you will progress to completing higher flights.  All of this is done under the experienced supervision of our BHPA qualified instructors, who have your safety as their number one priority. Yes you can fly a paraglider solo in one day!

2 day introduction to paragliding: £280

Following on from day one…...  We aim to get you high! Progressing towards the top of the hill and practising turns whilst continuing to improve your launch and landing techniques.

Elementary Pilot course (five days): £590

Our aim during this five day course is to get you your Elementary Pilot rating.  This is a BHPA qualification which will see you master ground handling (controlling the wing on the ground), turning and completing your own flight plans.  We will also teach you the theory you need to know, including meteorology, principles of flight and Air Law in our purpose built classroom.

Course aims:

  •  Forward and reverse launch techniques ‘ground handling’.
  •  Completing simple flight plans- flying from top of the hill to the bottom.
  •  Coordinated turns.
  • Safe take offs and landings.
  • Theory lectures on meteorology, principles of flight and air law
  •  EP exam

Club Pilot course (five days, EP required): £590 

The five day Club Pilot course follows on from the Elementary Pilot Course.  The CP is the minimum BHPA rating you will need in order to fly happily anywhere in the world, without an instructor.  

We will work towards honing and refining your skills already learnt on the EP.  Our ambition is to achieve co-ordinated, efficient turns; competent ground control; soaring flights; top landings; slope landings and a successful Final Theory Exam! 

Our carefully planned lectures will give you the theoretical knowledge required to pass the CPC exam. This will ensure you gain the CP qualification, allowing you to fly at recognised club sites unsupervised.

Course aims:

  • Refining ground handling technique learned on your EP course. 
  • Soaring.
  • Top landings.
  • Slope landings.
  • ‘Big ears’- descent technique. 
  • Accelerator systems- speed bar.
  • Weight shift and pitch-roll coordination in turns.
  • Active flying- coping with turbulence.
  • Theory lectures on meteorology, principles of flight and air law
  •  Multiple choice exam.

Refresher Course (5 days - Own gear and CP required) - £490

It's completely natural to go through periods in our flying carreer where we lose touch and suddenly find that we need a bit of support and help to get us back into the saddle.

This course is for anybody who has been unable to stay current, wanting to revisit aspects of their basic CP training, or needs to develop post CP skills.

We have assisted many club pilots who just want to develop their skills or retrain in a safe and friendly environment. During the five days of this course you'll be able to avoid the crowds and get expert instruction and advice, specifically tailored to suit your needs.